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Whether you're looking for generic golf products for a Corporate Golf Day, or you're in need of a custom corporate gift, Grand Slam Golf can help you leave a lasting impression.


Custom golf apparel and golf products in Indonesia for your clients, employees and more! Use our golf gift range in consumer promotions or to build potential business partnerships.

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Visit our Golf Shop online and create your own Fenix Golf Shirt. Choose from a range of colors and styles anda add your own logo for the perfect golf event or Corporate Gift.


5 Benefits of Corporate Teambuilding Events

04 April 17
Corporate events in Jakarta are not a norm, but there are a few companies that have made it a yearly ritual. Some employers choose to ditch the idea of having these corporate parties as it takes a lot of work and preparation. It may be a strenuous task for some employers, but to those who see it as an event…

Why Golfers get ahead?

31 January 17
Golf is an exceptionally skillful game and is a great way to ease yourself back into fitness or even to make business talks. This is one sport where players can actually engage in meaningful conversation throughout the game, something that would be relatively impossible during a game of volleyball or football!What makes this ironic is that golfers must…

5 Reasons Why everyone should play Golf

19 January 17
Every golfer has probably been asked at some point, “Why play golf?” To those that don’t play golf, you may wonder what makes it fun or enjoyable to play at all. It is understandable to have doubts as to how spending the day on an expansive green fairway with 18 holes can actually be fun. But before writing golf off…